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At we strive to make choosing a casket an easy and stress-free process. We specialize in high quality caskets at wholesale prices. We stand by our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.





Solid Wood Casket Steel Caskets Oversized Caskets

Solid Wood Caskets
      Our Solid Wood Caskets         Our line of Steel Caskets        If size is an issue we
      are made with top quality       are strong and built to             carry several Oversized
      materials, NO VENEERS.         last forever. Our styles            Caskets in 28″ and 31″
      Choose from:  Cedar,              include: 18 Gauge Steel,         wide sizes to fit your             
      Cherry, Mahogany, Oak,         20 Gauge Steel, Stainless        needs.
      Pine, Poplar, and Walnut.       Steel, Bronze & Copper. 



Customize your Casket with a Premium Head Panel or add a beautiful Casket Floral Arrangement.



All caskets include a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee*!