Funeral Casket Options

There is no right or wrong type of casket to purchase. The decision comes down to design preference, cemetery restrictions, religious or cultural stipulations and budget.


Prestige Poplar Wood Casket

Casket Designs
Traditional funeral caskets are typically constructed of the following materials:

  • maple
  • oak
  • pine
  • mahogany
  • walnut
  • cherry
  • poplar

New biodegradable caskets are also becoming popular (see Green Burials). These vessels are constructed 100% of biodegradable materials that will not harm the earth.

Caskets can be personalized to accommodate a style, design or construction that fits the deceased personality. They can also be individualized using fabrics, pillows or throws inside. Casket makers will sometimes added requested paintings or sayings to the outside of the vessel to make it unique. Some may also be able to add ornate symbols, jewels, or draperies to the casket to accommodate religious or cultural needs.

Religion and Cultural Preferences
Different religions and cultures have different funeral and burial practices that you may want to follow:

  • Jewish Caskets: Jewish law mandates that caskets be simple wooden caskets with no metal parts.
  • African Caskets: The tradition in this country is to bury the dead in shaped caskets that resemble objects like airplanes or animals.
  • Japan Caskets: Preferences in this country are for caskets made of cedar or cypress because of they do not decompose and have an appealing scent.