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Casket ID Required In Texas

The Texas State Senate voted last Thursday to require the state’s deceased residents to have proper identification.

The bill, proposed by Senator John Carona, says that nobody can be buried in Texas in a casket that did not contain the deceased’s name, date of birth, and date of death. Carona fashioned the bill as a result of caskets rising to the surface during floods, which normally happens during a Texas hurricane. Using modern technology, deceased remains that become separated from a casket can often be identified, so identification inside the casket would help reunite the remains with the casket.

“In most cases,” said Carona, “it’s not so much a matter of losing the remains as finding the casket on the surface without a headstone.”

The bill won unanimous approval.

According to the bill, the Texas Funeral Service Commission will set the standards for the specific types of identification to be included in the caskets.

Economy Takes Toll On Funeral Planning

In this downturned economy, funeral services are finding that families are having to make tough choices regarding how they lay to rest their loved ones.  Many of the traditional funeral elements are being turned down for less expensive options that families can afford right now.  Burial urns are currently far more popular than funeral caskets because of their lower price point.  Additionally, cremation services are up because they can cost 50-75% less than a traditional funeral service.  The dramatic spike in cremation services can only be attributed to the economy, say experts.

You need not forego a traditional funeral service all together if that is in fact what the deceased would have wanted.  Simply do your research and look for ways to get the best prices on caskets, urns and plots by finding a reliable funeral director and/or shopping around online for the best prices.  You need not spend a fortune to lay your loved one to rest respectfully.